Darağaç is a non-profit art collective located in Izmir Umurbey Mahallesi and an open space where new communication strategies are experienced.

Umurbey Neighborhood, formerly known as Darağaç, is located between Alsancak Stadium and Halkapınar used as an industrial zone in the past. Today, Darağaç neighborhood hosts artist / artisan workshops and residents. Darağaç is also the name of a group of exhibitions that have developed and matured with an atmosphere of intense dialogue and discussion between the artists, artisans and the residents of the neighborhood. The main goal of Darağaç is to transform the neighborhood into a space where young artists can show their work and to create a common discourse. Darağaç, due to the lack of venues in Izmir, acts as a reconciliation zone for the emerging artist and the public space.
Darağaç has not imposed any subject and material limitations for the artists in the exhibitions it has organized and the events it has participated in. Darağaç encourages the artists to try new methods in the public sphere. Interdisciplinary works are exhibited or hosted in Darağaç, in areas such as painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video and performance. At the same time, Darağac is trying to transform into a kind of experimental city institute.

On the map of this brave new world, where ideas of ‘settle’ment and ‘belong’ing seek for new meanings for themselves, within the man-made borders, merely a dot, just like others: Darağaç. Artists having muse from their neighbors along with a cup of coffee when producing their own works of art, asking for what they need from the opposite window instead of over the phone, experiencing the feeling of being one while living together: Darağaç. Paintings on the walls, neighbors sitting on porches and children playing on streets; a neighborhood with the daily hustle and bustle of artists and craftsmen working, that warm feeling we recall from the past that always heals us: Darağaç. A place where daily chit-chat evolves into art events; where the residents are the artists, and artists are the spectators: Darağaç. Collective mind and effort that carry the spirit of the neighborhood, lend an ear to the voice of the artworks, listen to the people sharing their thoughts,experiences, and memories between the lines. Whatever surfaced to the daylight from the depths of your memory, whatever is on your mind, whatever taste that still lingers after reading this book – that’s what Darağaç is.

– Zeynep Yavuzcezzar

December 1st, 2019 İzmir


Ali Cem Doğan

Ali Kanal

Ayşegül Doğan

Caner Çoban

Cenkhan Aksoy

Cem Sonel

Fatih Altan

Tuğçe Akay

Zarife Arslan