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Darağaç IV: “Necessity”

Darağaç IV: “Necessity”

Darağaç, supported by Spaces of Culture in its fourth year, aims to present an exhibition with permanent production which is open to further transformation and experimenting in its neighborhood with the “Necessity” exhibition, the main phase of this year’s project.

In the “Necessity” process, 30 artists and 2 different working groups, produced on the themes of necessity and permanence, start off from the idea of transforming the oral history archive which Daragaç has collected for 4 years into works that left their mark in the neighborhood’s memory.

The exhibition presents an installation that is accompanied by a sound and visual performance developed on a semi-public and semi-private space, dynamic performances and installations which treat typical neighborhood traditions from different perspectives, the walls of the neighborhood which have been abandoned for a long time, works that are re-incorporated into reproduction by using dormant spaces and decayed scraps as a source.

“Necessity”, focuses on the relationship of the artist and space, the basis created by such space the context of the relationship of the artist and the community that it is a part of and permanency of the creations in the space.

During the course of the exhibition, Ebru Atilla has offered guidance to the visually impaired visitors, while Arzu Oto made audio descriptions. Also, the exhibition brochure was printed in Braille alphabet.

Emre Yıldız

“Darağaç Signboard Workshop “

Caner Çoban


Nejat Satı

“New Nejat Pharmacy”

Engin Konuklu

“Miss Saziye”

Ahmet Yörük

“Loaf Cycle”

Ali Kanal


Numan Erdinç

“Stringing Day”

Gülhatun Yıldırım

“Performance, 2019, Darağaç, İzmir”

Etem Şahin


Dilruba Balak


Rafet Arslan

“Hello Izmir or Turn off Lights When not in Use!”

Resul Karakuş


Kadir Kayserilioğlu

“Dining Tables”

Fatih Altan & Hasan Usta

“Check One Two”

Demet Bilgen

“Oil on Cloth”

Fatoş Özgürtepe


Tuğçe Yücetürk

“Butterfly Effect”

Merve Vural

“Poster Design for Fictional Election”

Bengü Şener & Ebru Sağay

“-Are you the Sheriff?

Hasan Işıklı

“Only Suzy”

Ramazan Can

“Closet Series”

Cem Sonel & Ramazan Can

“Gerilla Work”

Hasan Pehlevan


Şafak Gürboğa

“Basic Education”

Yekateryna Gyrgorenko


Ardıl Yalınkılıç


Kalender Meşrep