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Darağaç Exists

The artists, living in the uniqueness of the neighborhood and producing with the effort to survive, co-exist once again. In its 5th year, Darağaç is taking control of the abandoned streets in their neighborhood.
Bureaucracy, exists.
All-seeing eyes, exist.
The artificial trust of being controlled, exists.
“Darağaç Exists” questions the dynamics of social power and living habits under the spotlight, promising a sterile experience to its guests.

Artists: Ahmet Yörük, Ali Cem Doğan, Ayşegül Doğan, Merey Şenocak, Caner Çoban, Cem Sonel, Cenkhan Aksoy, Çağrı Toksözlü, Demet Bilgen, Fatih Altan, Hilal Doğan, Tuğçe Akay, Zarife Arslan