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Collective Mind + Collective Belonging

Collective Mind + Collective Belonging

Speakers: Fulya Çetin (Hafriyat), Metin Akdemir (İSD/dramaqueer)
Moderator: Borga Kantürk

In the third speech moderated by Borga Kantürk, the need to be a collective with its advantages and disadvantages, the places in the neighborhood structure, the common ground they create and things that can be produced on their axis; the functional contributions of creative formations such as collectives to the texture and transformation of the neighborhood were discussed. It has led to a discussion on the strategies that different collective structures utilized based on their modus operandi. Starting from Darağaç’s structure, living together and the relationships that a collective structure lives with the environment and space are exemplified.

After graduating from Mimar Sinan University Faculty of Fine Arts, Fulya Çetin had the opportunity to work with nearly one hundred sixty artists, initiatives and non-governmental organizations between 2007 and 2009 in Hafriyat Karaköy, a place that expresses itself as the ‘’World of Various Arts (Çeşitli Sanatlar Alemi)’’. She made daily drawings for Birgün Newspaper in her section called “Hafriyat Ameleleri” (Excavation Workers) and joined the exhibition titled “İstanbul Defterdarları” (Bookkeepers of Istanbul). Between 2013-2015, she prepared drawings and visuals for Kaos GL magazine. Since 2006, Çetin has participated in many Hafriyat exhibitions starting with “Local Paradise (Lokal Cennet)’’ in Diyarbakır Art Center and has participated in many group exhibitions both in Turkey and abroad. Since 2009, she has had solo exhibitions in venues such as artSümer, Tobacco Storage Warehouse (Tütün Deposu) and Sanatorium.

Metin Akdemir completed his postgraduate studies in Women’s Studies, upon completing his education on cinema. He directed the films that were shown in many national and international festivals. He participated in the exhibition teams of various LGBTI+ organizations such as Pride Week in Istanbul, Istanbul Trans Pride Week, Black Pink Triangle Association in İzmir and Mersin Pride Week. In 2018-2019, he organized an independent group of activists/artists and group exhibitions with queer-feminist artists called Border/less (Sınır/sız). Since 2015, he has been working as a dramaqueer and a member and founder of the İstanbul Art Association.