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Darağaç Book

Darağaç, who has been producing in the neighborhood since 2016, has expanded the scope of the exhibition series organized in the neighborhood this year with the support of @kulturicinalan.With the fourth exhibition Darağaç IV_’Luzum ‘, Darağaç_Speaking series, Children’s Meetings and Darağaç_Volta, which was held for the first time this year, Darağaç_Book was prepared, consisting of the documentation of all the activities, the memories lived in the process and the experiences gained. With the texts of Mert Yavaşça (@mertyavasca), Güzden Varınlıoğlu (@guzdenv) and BorgaKantürk (@borgak), the book was edited by Zeynep Yavuzcezzar (@zycezzar) and designed by Burak Dikilitaş (@ burak.dikilitas).Darağaç_Kitap is aimed to archive the activities held in the neighborhood from 2016 to this time and to use them as a source for future art productions.Poster design:@didemeriskin