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Darağaç III

Darağaç contains various dynamics in its third exhibition. The dialogues that arose out of increased liveliness with the opening of the Immigration Registration Center in the neighborhood this year, provided an outlet for the participant artists.

Having obtained the information through the local history research that the first designer of Mini Cooper, Sir Alec Issigonis, was born and raised in the neighborhood, the residents of Darağaç were encouraged to do a collective work that honors the designer during the preparation of the exhibition.

Darağaç continues both to experience many collective and individual contemporary art practices and production potentials in public and private spaces within the possibilities that the neighborhood may offer and to suggest new forms to the dynamics of neighborhood life that they try to sustain.

Cengiz Tekin

“We Apologize For Any Inconvenience We May Have Caused”

Selver Yıldırım


Aycan Genlik

“The Media Course: Darağaç Press”

Tuğçe Akay

“Nazmiye Bilecik Story”

Gizem Karakaş

“From İstanbul with Love”

Cem Sonel

“Site-specific Mural Designs for Darağaç”

Yenal Elbirlik

“3W (Where I was Born, Where I was Full, Where I Stood) Also My Past and Darağaç”

Kadir Kayserilioğlu

“Like A Father, Like A Son”

Alpin Arda Bağcık


Özgür Demirci

“City Library”

Mert Çakır


Fatih Altan


Hüseyin Özgürtepe

“Hüseyin Özgürtepe’s Collection”

Fırat İtmeç

“Losing Champions”

Özlem Oğuzhan

“9-1= Necropolis”

Mert Yavaşça

“Family Game”

Berna Dolmacı


Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu

Waiting II: Darağaç
Who Waits Whom, Who Waits What, When and How Long?

Mehmet Dere

“Amoeba Words”


“Alec Issigonis Medallion”

Sevgi Aka

“Repetition and Variation”