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see: darağaç

The sequel of ‘Darağaç | meantime’ exhibition which was first held in June last year, meets the audience at the same area, Umurbey Neighborhood with the name ‘see:darağaç’. Darağaç is the former name of this quarter which was effaced in its dark past.
Along with the artists, the residents participate in the exhibition with their site- specific productions, as well. Exhibition spreading throughout the district both indoors and outdoors promises new rhetorics considering arts, neighborhood and dynamics of urban life.

Nisan Güven

“Things That a Cow Said at Time of Death”

Demet Bilgen

“The Room”

Talha Demiral


Merey Şenocak

“Boredom Beauty Salon”

Burak Dikilitaş

“Telepresence Operator”

Arda Özgürtepe & YOSEK


Verda Sipahi


Etem Şahin

“Vivienne Noir”

Ortadoğu Pavyonu

“Fountain of Youth”

Fatih Altan & Cenkhan Aksoy

“Unchaste Forces”

Tuğçe Akay


Gülnihal Kalfa


Marc Lochner


Nazım Arslan

“After the Blue Cow”

Ali Kanal


Ali Cem Doğan

“Do You Think Our Tears Have Stopped?”